The TV shows that stole our hearts in 2017

The biggest problem with television right now is that we are spoiled for choice. There’s so much TV being thrown at us that paying the TV bills is easier than choosing which show to watch. In simple terms, we are spoiled for choice. For any individual show to grab such a muddled stage and command the interest and love of viewers in a generation of short attention spans is a true achievement. This is why we have chosen to look back at the year we concluded and decide on which TV shows really made us tick. This list is in no particular order of importance.

  • American Vandal: Way beyond your average high school or crime TV show, American Vandal takes the two and gives something a little better. The satiric comedy keeps you hooked till the end of the show and the fact that the series is partly based on a true documentary is sure to give you some pause and get you slightly (if not seriously) worried.
  • Big little lies: This interesting murder investigation stories swept 8 Emmy awards after getting 16 nominations, there was also a Golden globe award too. From domestic violence to murder and emotional issues; thousands of families and individuals stuck to their screen every Sunday night to catch the next part of this intriguing storyline. We definitely can’t wait for the next season billed to come in 2019.
  • Dear White People: Another show that gave us the laughs, Dear white people has it all, politics, love, emotions, and of course sex. This series handles the controversial and generally heated topic of race with a very interesting perspective, and the performance of the cast can only be described as top notch.
  • Twin Peaks: The Return. Your classic horror story from back in the 1900s returned with a bang last year and showed that its ability to thrill an audience wasn’t lost to time. Widely viewed and gaining the approval of various critics, this seems a continuous success story.
  • The Good Place: An interesting series about the afterlife, the good place was a masterfully crafted interlock of fantasy and comedy. It may have seemed preposterous at some parts, but the absurdness of the story line as a whole was sufficient insurance against any brow raising. And despite all the fun in the individual episodes, the final plot twist and the climax was totally worth sticking around for
  • The Handmaid’s tale: This series also won an impressive number of awards. The story line is a little scary especially for women, depicting a dystopian future in which women are condemned to slavery and sexual subjugation. The series is based on a novel of the same title written by Margaret Atwood back in 1985. The series gained popular appeal with very favorable ratings from critics. Again, we can’t wait for the second season to premiere by the 25th of April.

We wish to see even more amazing series on our screen this years, and also hope that the second seasons of 2017’s amazing series will live up to expectations.

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